Debug and Benchmark Ansible Playbook Performance

Debugging and benchmarking can be heavy topics. Frankly, there are a lot of options when it comes to analyzing playbook performance. My goal will be to make this as simple as possible. Playbook Debug and Connection Logging Ansible allows you to enable debug logging at a number of levels. Most importantly, at both the playbook […]

Automating Networks with Ansible – Part 3

In part 1, we covered why to use Ansible. In part 2, we covered how to start using Ansible. So far, we’ve installed Ansible, setup a network inventory, and ran a playbook that gathers info and “facts” from our network inventory. But what practical things can we actually do with all of this info we […]

Automating Networks with Ansible – Part 2

Getting Started with Ansible Ansible doesn’t have a steep learning curve and it doesn’t require any sort of programming background to use. You can begin running commands against your network inventory in no time at all. And I can prove it! This is all using network devices as examples, but it’s all general Ansible stuff […]

Automating Networks with Ansible – Part 1

Configuring switches and routers, in theory, is a simple thing. In my case, it was the first “real” thing I did outside of fiddling with the desktop PCs of my childhood. A family friend ran a dial-up ISP out of our basement, and I somehow ended up learning about BGP routes, and troubleshooting T1 connectivity […]

The Coyote Conference Call

I’m a consultant by day, and a goat farmer by night. The two lifestyles offer a wonderful mix of totally unrelated and fulfilling things for me to do. From daily interactions with bleeding-edge tech, to a backyard with goats, chickens, and turkeys. These two parts of my life rarely intersect. Until they do! To give […]


I’ve spent month’s trying to write about Seattle. How to describe the city, what things make it interesting, the features and attractions that draw travelers and enchant residents. There are so many things to write about that it became an exercise in redundancy. There are a hundred tourist guides to list the best restaurants, the best […]